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Getting Ready for Open Market Season!

Every wondered what an artist has to do to get ready for one of those open market festivals that happen all over Boston.

First it takes hours of creating, experimenting and failing to get the body of work needed for a festival. After you've created all that work you have to apply for a booth at those open markets and pay the fee. Then buy the tent, tables, chairs, displays and more. The start up can be expensive.

These are some of the weight bags for my tent legs. They are filled with dirt so my tent doesn't blow away! It can be very windy at these open markets. And my tent....still in the box. Its ok i'll take it out of the box eventually.

If you've ever thought that items at these open markets are pricey please remember that you are buying hours of our time, our creativity, our sweat, our tears and our joy. Your are buying a piece of my heart and soul. I put all of myself and my passion into what I create. I hope you see that in my work and you value what I have created.

Here are some pictures of me creating new jewelry for the Greenway Open Market that I will be at on June 16th. I just love that little heart in that pair of earrings.

If you want one of these beauties you'll have to come out and see me next weekend!

Please click on the events on my website for more details and future open markets in Boston that I will be at this summer.

I hope you liked my first blog post.