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I make Joy.....

I make Joy in the form of Art.

I pour my happiness all over the canvas and proudly put it on display for all to see in the hopes that it brings you joy. Even for just a minute.

I ask you to embrace the little moments of joy in your life they are seemly far and few these days. And everyone could use more of it.

In my first blog post I wrote about getting ready for my first open market season. Well it is in full swing and comes with its own challenges and rewards!

My very first open market everything that could go wrong did. The tent that I didn't open until at the site and getting ready to set up had no canopy! What! Who sells a beat up rusty pop up tent with no canopy?! Thank god for my amazing partner hoping up an uber and going to get me a new one. But we lost the scissors and I couldn't cut down the zip ties. My phone was almost dead by the time we got to the site and I couldn't get my brand new battery pack to work. Yes I charged it. Things seemed to figure themselves out but all in all it was a good day. I met other awesome vendors and the person next to me helped me so much that I need to pay it forward the next time I see someone struggling like me. I found my Joy regardless of how off to a rocky start I had.

Im still doing open markets around the city of Boston and sharing my joy with others. I'm at SOWA Sunday Aug 19th 10am-4pm. And Falling Into Color Art Show at Rock Bottom on Stuart Street in Boston Monday Aug 20th 6pm-10pm.

I hope to see you there!